OTLAS. Taste of soils.

[Documental installation]

(Collections of audiovisual and textual documents extracted from social networks and played on a multi-screen installation.
5 item of 30 × 200 cm concrete base on wheels)

The piece is part of an investigation about communities of women gathering around the same desire: eating soil. Fort their pleasure, essentially. By boredom or nostalgia. Often, they are addicted, as of tabac or alcohol. They are everywhere on earth. To sell or buy their favorite soils, they meet on commercial websites. To share observations or fears, they meet on health forums. They also meet on social networks to share the many joys of daily intake. Each of them has its own penchant for one specific soil. For a way of eating it as well; alone or with friends, pregnant, after a dinner, during a break, in the bus, on the sly, filming oneself, at the table or direclty from the cliff. Argileous soils are the most desired. The ones that smell earth after rain or fresh cement. They are extracted in United States, Russia, Ouest Africas or India. They are in the form of granules, powders, bars, sticks, bowls, small pots, miniature bricks, iconic medaillon. They are white, yellow, red, black, grey, pink, green. They are called by the name of the country they were extracted from or fruit and pastry names. They are eaten raw or dried or cooked. They are licked, sucked, crunched, chewed, swallowed. They are sold in plastic bag, delivered by post, with free samples. OTLAS does not seek for the reasons of theses practices, medecine is already doing that. Backwards to normative discourses it at adresses the multiple forms of these practices.

2019 - 2021
In collaboration avec Lionel Maes, Antoine Wang et Ayoh Kré

Exhibition What does this have to do with everything else at l’iMAL from 19.02.21 to 14.03.21