LATOS. Talking network

[Sound installation]

(Network of computer that synchronize and negociate to perform a kind of song. 4 Raspberry pie/4 speakers on legs)

The four entities of the network are connected with each other. In order to perform their song, they need to organise between themselves. And they do it out loud. First, they choose the one who is going to be the clock so that they all synchronise. Then, they individually compose a score by choosing among dozens of prerecorded sylable sung by a feminine voice. Finally, they simultaneously play their individual score. The result is a repetitive composition that recalls of minimal music. For each iteration, the composition is different, and also all the negociations before. The installation reveals what is implied by the communication between several machines.

In collaboration avec Lionel Maes, Antoine Wang et Ayoh Kré

Exhibition Talking newtork at Constant vzw du 23.11.021 au 15.12.21